The journey of starting Just Sew Quilting has its roots all the way back to when I was a little girl watching my mother, Betty, sew clothing for my two older sisters and myself. I would watch her transform material into beautiful clothing.

The next step in my progression was my desire to make clothing for my little girl. That didn’t turn out so well as she stated very clearly in her 3-year-old voice, “I do not wear dressers!”

My mom’s interests had moved on to making beautiful table toppers and quilts for her children and grandchildren so with my Mom as my guide and teacher, I too started down the quilting path. Although I love to sew, I’ve always dreamed of one day having my own longarm quilting frame. That dream became reality in 2019 with the purchase of a Bernina Q24 and frame. Just Sew Quilting soon followed.

We want to take all the love and attention you’ve put into your quilting project so far and continue that through the quilting stages by focusing on the little details that make it a collaborative design experience.